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Rage and gratitude: A tale of two women

ECU Professor and Police

Enraged professor confronts CBR personnel and police.

by Jacqueline Hawkins

She shouted, screamed and profanely vented her anger.  East Carolina University (ECU) police officers were forced to intervene, stepping between this professor and CBR personnel.  Students could see the uncivil, vitriolic reaction of this pro-abort, in living color.

“Why did you come to this University?” another female professor asked.  Her reaction was completely different.  At first she was surprised.  After hearing more about our Genocide Awareness Project, she was thrilled beyond measure.  She thanked us for coming to ECU because of her great concerns over self-destructive student behaviors, including Satanism, abortions, and fornication.  She knew that great evil lurked on the campus, but that our presence helped to combat that evil.

Please help us do more of this.

Jacqueline Hawkins is a CBR Project Director and a regular FAB contributor.

You Should Have Been Aborted!

You should have been aborted.

An angry woman confronts CBR’s Maggie Egger.

by Jacqueline Hawkins

“You should have been aborted!” a male Grand Valley State University student shouted at CBR’s Jane Bullington.  While it hurts to be told these things, it could be taken as a good sign.

First and foremost, their anger shows that the images have pricked their consciences.  The images are disturbing, but Dr. Martin Luther King taught us that until people are disturbed by the status quo, there is no pressure for change.

When they say, “You should have been aborted,” they show that they understand, on some level, that abortion does take a human life.  They wish that our lives had been taken.  They sometimes follow up with, “I hope you die!”  Note the connection.  In other words, “I wish you were dead; preferably sooner than later, but better late than never.”

Granted, this is not a well-thought-out reaction.  But it’s often the knee-jerk reaction that reveals a person’s true thoughts.

We happily continue our work because some of these students will take their own words to heart.  One day, they will know that killing is killing, whether later or sooner.

Jacqueline Hawkins is a CBR Project Director and a regular FAB contributor.

Man up!

It's time to step up

Men discuss personal responsibility at Georgia Southern University.

by Jacqueline Hawkins

Men, you have every right to stand for your pre-born children.  Fathers have equal responsibility for the lives of their children.  Fathers have the right to say, “Do not abort my baby!”

Unfortunately, the pro-abortion culture says that unless a man is coercing the mother to abort, they have no say-so.  The laws reflect this.

At Grand Valley State University, many young men took time to let the pictures sink in.  They thought about the implications and asked questions.  They listened carefully to our answers and thanked us for being there.  These young men wanted to take responsibility for their future children.  They wanted to be men, not boys who ran and hid.

At Georgia Southern University, a young man came to our poll table and was about to vote “Yes, abortion should remain legal.”  He reasoned that since we don’t know a mother’s “situation,” we can’t outlaw abortion.  As I pointed to the pictures and asked if it was truly okay to decapitate and dismember a pre-born child based on the “situation,” he seemed less and less sure of himself.  As I asked questions, he finally admitted that a past girlfriend had aborted one of his children.  The time wasn’t right for a baby.  He later had a baby girl with a different mother, and that little girl was his whole world.

As we continued to talk, the young man started to look sad … regretful.  He thought about his dead child.  That child would have been his whole world, too.  But he had believed lies.  The pro-abortion cowed him to be silent, while an abortionist murdered his child.

Men, protecting your child is your God-given responsibility, so man up!

Women, take a step back and let the man in your life protect you and your baby.  Together, you can do it.

Jacqueline Hawkins is a CBR Project Director and a regular FAB contributor.

Walk a mile in pre-born shoes

by Jacqueline Hawkins

24 Weeks Comparison

Walk a mile in the shoes of the pre-born.  After all, you were pre-born too.

With tears in his eyes, a young man pointed to the sign with 24-week old babies—the unwanted child (an aborted corpse) and the wanted child (the premie in an ICU).  He was a student at Grand Valley State University.

“I was that baby,” he told CBR staff member Jane Bullington.  “I was born at 24½ weeks and spent 11 months in the hospital.”  Even today, his voice is raspy from the trachea tube that chafed his throat during those 11 months.  “That picture hits home.  Thank you for sharing my story.”

Because he was wanted, doctors worked hard to preserve his life.  But what if he had been unwanted?  The answer was all too obvious.  The pictures hit home when we can see ourselves as that unwanted child, weak and alone with nowhere to turn.

Not everyone can say that he was a black person or a Jew with a target on his back.  But everyone can honestly say he was in a group targeted for elimination.  Everyone was a pre-born baby.

Jacqueline Hawkins is a CBR Project Director and regular FAB contributor.

CBR brings controversial abortion pictures to Knoxville

Philip Hamilton speaking to a pro-choice supporter at the GAP in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Philip Hamilton speaking to a pro-choice supporter at the GAP on Market Square in Knoxville, Tennessee.

by Philip Hamilton

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR) recently displayed photos of aborted fetuses in downtown Knoxville, reminding passersby on Market Square that abortion decapitates and dismembers little human beings.  CBR’s display, known as the Genocide Awareness Project (GAP), exposes the devastating effects of a “woman’s right to choose” by focusing attention on what is actually being chosen.

The Market Square GAP was my first one as a new staffer for the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform.  During the course of the day, I encountered many people on both sides of the debate.

I spoke with a homeless couple who had lost custody of their children due to drug issues; they were staunchly pro-life.  They said that while their children did not have an ideal childhood, there is always the option of adoption.

Later, I got a pro-choice progressive to admit that late term abortions were morally wrong.  I told her about Planned Parenthood’s sale of fetal organs.  We discussed Virginia’s ultrasound law, which she supported because a woman should at least be able to see an ultrasound of the child before being able to kill him.  I told her that there should be at least a 24-hour waiting period after the ultrasound is done, so that women can have more time to make and informed choices between life or death for their children.  [The more time women have to think about their decision, the more likely they are to choose life.]  She supported a waiting period after I discussed the reasons why the a waiting period is actually “pro-woman.”  After seeing GAP, this progressive woman rejected some of the most extreme pro-abortion positions.  Not a complete conversion, but it’s a start, and not a bad one in only 15 minutes.

At the end of the day, I spoke with a woman with two young women in tow.  She supported our message, but ordered her children to look away from the pictures as we talked.  In spite of her belief that children should not look at aborted fetuses in a public square, she believed that teenagers and adults must see them before they can make an informed decision on the effects of “choice.”

We have a choice, too.  We have a choice whether to spend our time and treasure on winning hearts, changing minds, and saving lives.  Will you devote your time and treasure to stand for the right to life?

Bias Crimes and Science Denial at the Academy

ohn Dillinger commits a crime against science denial

CBR volunteer fugitive John Dillinger (not his real name) commits a “bias” crime by suggesting that gender is determined at conception. (We couldn’t possibly make this stuff up.)

Check out my new piece over at Townhall.com, Bias Crimes and Science Denial at the Academy.

There is a place to rate the article, so please let Townhall know what you think. Look for the graphic just below the Townhall article and sound off!  Share on Facebook, too.

The piece describes how a single statement of scientific fact was turned into a police investigation at Grand Valley State University (GVSU).  It was bizarre.

CBR volunteer John Dillinger (not his real name) was eventually allowed to leave campus.  (He is still required to report his whereabouts daily to his wife, but that’s something else and we don’t want to get into that.)  Anyway, …

Check it out, rate it, and share it!

Rebutting false claim that CBR intact-delivery abortion video depicts a miscarriage

Intact abortion.

Intact abortion, with beating heart.

by Gregg Cunningham

Some in the media have falsely claimed that the intact abortion shown in CBR’s video is actually a miscarriage, not an abortion.

Medical malpractice lawsuits have become so common that OB/GYNs practice defensive medicine.  They protect themselves by over-diagnosing, over-treating and over-prescribing.  No doctor delivering this baby as a preemie in a hospital would fail to provide neonatal intensive care.  Even if he had no compassion for the baby or his parents, the doctor would provide care to avoid being sued for negligence.  Warren Hern, in his book “Abortion Practice,” warns of the difficulty in estimating fetal ages.  A baby moving as vigorously as this one is presumptively entitled to care and would receive it — unless the attending physician is an abortionist, which is the case here.

Miscarried embryos and fetuses are virtually all still births involving a baby who expired in the uterus and was later born dead.  A preemie in a hospital is born alive and given intensive care — not slapped around in a pan as happened here with a baby who survived the abortion depicted at the beginning of the video.

Gregg Cunningham is the Executive Director of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR).

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