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Protesting at a Planned Parenthood fundraiser.

Crowd gathered to protest PP fundraiser.

Crowd gathered to protest PP fundraiser.

There was TV coverage of our protest at the Planned Parenthood fundraiser in Knoxville on January 24.  Kudos to all present!

CBR burning up Jill Stanek blog.

Northland Family Planning Centers: Abortion is an act of courage.

Northland Family Planning Centers: Abortion is an act of courage.

JillStanek.com is a pro-life blog that is read world-wide.  Readers are burning up the comment lines on two recent postings featuring CBR:

  1. My post, Use of graphic pictures not optional.  This post generated more than 100 comments.  Please go add your own!  This post was a good lead-in to this next one …
  2. Jill’s post, Video: The most shocking 4-minute abortion debate you will ever see.  A new CBR video juxtaposes shocking, graphic abortion footage upon a soothing videothat was produced by the Northland Family Planning Centers, a chain of late-term abortion clinics in Michigan.  The Northland video describes abortion as an act of “courage.”  The CBR overlay displays the truth.  (Note: the link given here just goes to Jill’s posting, not the video itself.)

Abortion, ObamaCare, and Planned Parenthood: Follow the money.

Marketing sex to your children will be a multi-billion dollar windfall for Planned Parenthood.

Marketing sex to your children will become a multi-billion dollar windfall for Planned Parenthood.

If nothing changes, ObamaCare, along with aggressive marketing of abortions, will divert billions of your tax dollars to Planned Parenthood (PP).  To protect and grow this windfall, PP will aggressively market their “services” to our children under the guise of “wellness education.”  They will hire an army of paid staff to lobby school boards, principals, and teachers for even greater access.  Marketing sex to your children will be a financial dream come true for PP.

To follow the money, connect the dots:

Dot 1.  PP did 305,310 abortions in 2007 (source), at an average cost of $450 (source).  That amounted to $137 million in revenue for PP.

Dot 2.  ObamaCare will drive private health insurance out of business so that Government becomes the only alternative.  (Arguably, based on Pres. Obama’s own words, that’s by design.)  Once Government becomes the sole provider, health care will become a “right” of every citizen.  The courts will rule that denying coverage of abortion (a “legal medical procedure”) amounts to sex discrimination, regardless of any legislation or presidential order to the contrary.

Dot 3.  Once the government is paying for them, abortions will no longer be subject to the limitations of the current “free enterprise” system, where people generally have to pay for their own.  With government paying the bill, the costs will skyrocket.  Today, the going price for a D&C, an invasive medical procedure similar in scope and character to abortion, is $5,472 (source).  In the new environment, PP would no longer accept $450; they would demand and receive $5,472 for every abortion.  This would immediately increase PP’s abortion revenue from $137 million to $1.7 billion (with a b).

Dot 4.  But there’s more.  According to Abby Johnson, formerly a PP abortion clinic director, all PP affiliates will be required to perform abortions by 2013.  PP is pushing affiliates to aggressively sell abortions.  If they are able to grab just half of the entire abortion business, say 650,000 abortions every year, that will mean a total abortion revenue of $3.6 billion (with a b).

Dot 5.  Unlike contract and grant money PP gets from the government, this new money would be paid as “fee for service,” so there would be no strings attached. PP would still hire the same abortion hacks they use now and pay them the same money, so the new money would be all profit.  There is so much government money to be had, PP will dispatch an army of paid professionals to lobby (and even buy?) your school boards, your principals, and your teachers for even greater access to your children.  They’d be foolish not to.  Marketing sex to your children will become a multi-billion dollar windfall for PP.  This is an outrageous conflict of interest.

Oh, and by the way, get ready to pay for PP’s abortion marketing programs; they will be disguised as “wellness” programs and will be paid for by taxpayer-funded contracts and grants.  Think about that as you watch PP latest outrage, “I didn’t spew.”  (Warning: prepare to vomit.)

In summary, with all the new money from ObamaCare, there’s a big profit to be made by marketing (first) sex and (then) abortion to our children. Planned Parenthood wants to use our schools to position themselves as the sex experts and promote normal every kind of promiscuous and deviant behavior. When many of them get pregnant, as they certainly will, PP wants to be first in line for the lucrative business of “terminating” the “mistakes.”  It’s an obvious conflict of interest.  The stakes are high … on one side are PP and billions of our dollars; on the other side are us and our children.

Note to a pro-life pastor

America will not stop abortion until America sees abortion.

America will not stop abortion until America sees abortion.

My response to a pastor who commented on a previous post.

Dear Pastor,

On my blog, you asked if you could use my argument as part of your public requests (pulpit and bulletin announcements) for increased participation in prayer vigils and other peaceful, legal efforts to close the Planned Parenthood facilities in Midland and Odessa, TX. 

Yes. Please. Thank you so much. Please encourage your church members (and your church body) to become involved in activities like this. Please use anything I have written. I put these ideas out there for folks like you to use.

As you are planning your presentation, please bear in mind that most Christians who are doing nothing to stop the killing don’t even know what abortion is. They think they do but they don’t. They are trying to ignore or trivialize abortion, because that allows them to do nothing about it. That’s why you must use abortion images to show them what it is. If they don’t see it, they won’t understand it and won’t do anything about it.

Some will complain about this and assert that you only need to show pretty pictures of preborn children. If that were true, a photo of a Jewish family picnic on the Rhine would be adequate to convey the horror of the death camps. I’m sorry, but I look at a nice Jewish family photo, and it tells me nothing about Auschwitz.

If we are going to ever stop the killing, we must correct three adverse conditions:

  1. Christians need to know the truth of it. They don’t. (That’s why the abortion rate even inside the “pro-life” church is so high.)
  2. Christians need to care enough to do something about it. They don’t.
  3. The Church must lead. It doesn’t.

It is my belief that correcting #1 is critical to correcting the other two. Let me emphasize this point:  To understand it, your church needs to see it!

Dr. Martin Luther King said, “America will never stop racism until America sees racism.” That’s why he organized marches, knowing that the peaceful marchers would be attacked with dogs and water cannons. It was pictures of these attacks, on TV and in magazines, that changed America. I can tell you that America will not stop abortion until America sees abortion, and there is no place more fitting than our churches to begin this educational process. Babies will die in your church if you don’t show pictures.

When guiding your members how to act in holding back the children on the way to slaughter (Proverbs 24:11-12), encourage them to use graphic abortion images in their work. It’s not important that all use graphic images; but it is important that those who oppose their use are not allowed to dissuade others who might be agreeable.

If you need ideas how to counter objections or have any other questions, feel free to contact me.

You might want to check out the slides from my talk this weekend to the Students for Life of America conference in DC.

We’d be glad to provide a speaker for your church anytime.



GAP at the 2011 March for Life

Students attending the March for Life discover what it is they are marching about.

Students attending the March for Life discover what it is they are marching about.

CBR’s Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) was on display again this year at the National March for Life.

It is one of our most important deployments of the year, because so many of the marchers are young people who really have no idea what an abortion is … until we show them!  Many high-school students have commented that our display, which they only see for a minute or so, is the most memorable and impacting experience of their entire trip.  They will remember the pictures of abortion long after every one of the speeches have been forgotten.

What do they know, and when do they know it? And who is “they,” anyhow?

What do they know, and when do they know it?

What do they know, and when do they know it?

Unless we know the answers to those key questions, we’re going to waste another generation.

Carol Everett is a great pro-life warrior, and I’ve been privileged to hear her speak a couple of times, but she missed the point when she told an audience at Liberty University, “They know it’s a baby; we’ve won that argument; they just don’t care.” Based on my experience on campus, I was taken aback, because college students want to debate that point more than any other.

When I asked, “Who is ‘they?’” she began to talk about the Texas State Legislature. She might be right about lawmakers, but I can tell you that all the politicians in Austin aren’t nearly as important as a generation of teenagers and college students who are streaming into abortion clinics. They rationalize their abortions because they naively believe their children to be “blobs of tissue” and “parasites.” The abortion industry knows they are uninformed and are all too willing to exploit their youth and ignorance.

As an example of profound teen ignorance, I am reminded of the Rutgers University student who staggered backward, as her knees gave way, when I pulled out a medical textbook and showed her a diagram of a 9-week fetus, complete with fingers and toes. Unlike Texas lawmakers, she didn’t know until I showed her. And unlike so many politicians, she still had a functioning conscience.

It is true that pro-abortion arguments have morphed over the years. Forty years ago, they said, “The embryo/fetus is not a baby nor a human being.” That argument could not withstand basic medical facts, so their argument had to change. Then they said, “OK, it’s a human being, but it’s not a person.” When that position also could not be defended, we began to hear yet another theme. They said, “OK, it’s a person, but the mother’s right to autonomy supersedes the baby’s right to life.” That’s where we are now, hence you can be convicted of murder (i.e., killing a person) if you kill a preborn child, but you can legally abort that same child if you are the mother.

Yes, the more sophisticated pro-aborts have kept up with all of this so they know it’s a baby, but most teenagers and young adults don’t know. The abortion clinics understand this. If a young girl calls a clinic and asks, “Is it a baby?” the clinic doesn’t say, “Yes, dear, it’s a human being with rights of personhood, but we believe that your right of autonomy gives you the right to kill your baby.” No, the abortion clinic says, “Of course it’s not a baby, it’s just a blob of tissue; think about a shrimp with appendages.” (We know they say this, because we called.)

In the annual Roe v Wade issue of World Magazine, Georgette Forney, co-founder of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, commented that “We’ve won the battle that it’s a baby,” crediting embryoscopy and 4-D ultrasounds that show the life in the womb (Red zone defense, World Magazine, Jan 29, 2011). Again, I love Ms. Forney and the great work she is doing on behalf of babies and moms, but she wrong to say “we’ve won the battle that it’s a baby.”

Yes, many older people, especially those who have sought healing for abortion, might now understand. But most teenagers and college students have not seen the embryoscopy nor the ultrasounds. That won’t happen until later, when they conceive their wanted children and when (hopefully) they’ve grown up a bit. Until then, they are just as susceptible to abortion industry lies as were their mothers. Unless we show them the truth sooner, they will continue to have abortions. We will eventually “win” the argument with many of them, but what good is winning an argument 10 years too late?

Debate over graphic images.

If prenatal development photos were enough to teach people about abortion, this photo of a Jewish family would be enough to teach people about the death camps.  I don't know about you, but looking at this photo tells me nothing about Auschwitz.

If prenatal development photos were enough to teach people about abortion, this photo of a Jewish family would be enough to teach people about the death camps. I don't know about you, but looking at this photo tells me nothing about Auschwitz.

I was pleased to a speaker at the Students for Life of America (SFLA) conference in DC yesterday.  There were four of us on a panel discussing the use of graphic images.  I spoke first and used some of that time to talk about the history of social reform.  Successful reformers have always used pictures to help people see (1) the humanity of the victims and (2) the horror if the injustice they sought to correct.  Here are my slides.

Two of the speakers who followed me raised objections that easily could have been rebutted, but I was given no opportunity to do so.  I had actually anticipated their objections and addressed them fair adequately in my opening statement, but I still wanted to reemphasize some of the main points in the face of factual inaccuracies and logical fallacies advanced by my debate partners.  Some of their objections:

  1. Because some people who use pictures are not compassionate to women, then showing pictures is not compassionate — An obvious logical fallacy.  Further, Dr. Alveda King, who has had 2 abortions, said she is glad photos are being shown so that other women won’t have to experience the pain that she has endured.
  2. Pictures hurt children because it upsets them — Violent photos are routinely seen on magazine covers that children see at the supermarket.  Schindler’s List was shown on NBC and PBS during prime family viewing hours; few people complained.  An emergency siren will terrify young children, but we still put sirens on fire trucks.
  3. Some people see the pictures and think we might be violent — Racists and civil rights moderates tried to associate Dr. King with the violent tactics of the Black Panthers.  CBR condemns violence and will not associate with anybody who fails to condemn violence.
  4. Other methods can save babies — True, but many women have reported that they didn’t have abortions because of abortion photos and that nothing else but those pictures had dissuaded them.  Also, our goal shouldn’t be just to save a few, but to get rid of the whole bloody mess.
  5. GAP was a failure because some people objected to the genocide comparisons and used it to change the subject — Pro-aborts always try to change the subject, no matter what you do.
  6. GAP was a failure because a lot of people didn’t stop to talk and therefore didn’t learn facts —The pictures convey at a glance the facts that matter most: the preborn child is a baby and abortion is an act of violence.
  7. Most people like arguments more than pictures — Most people don’t care about philosophy, arguments, etc..  They are trying very hard to ignore or trivialize abortions, and pictures don’t let them do it.  We have show pictures and be prepared to debate.
  8. There was more but I can’t remember.

I hope we get to do this again.  I am going to ask for more opportunity to rebut arguments.

Pro-lifers must dream big dreams and pursue bold visions

"I have a dream"

"I have a dream"

It is appropriate that the anniversary of the infamous Roe v Wade decision is observed at the same time as the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.  We gain perspective and hope from knowing that civil rights activists eventually won their struggle to end slavery and Jim Crow, even though it took nearly 200 years.

They overcome insurmountable obstacles.  For them, like us in the pro-life movement, the discouragement must have been overwhelming at times.  But they fought on, never giving up on their dreams of equality.

If anything, Dr. King’s legacy should inspire us to dream big dreams and pursue bold visions.

I was reminded of this as I read Sen. Bob Corker’s remarks at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Sports Legacy Symposium at the FedEx Forum in Memphis. The symposium pays tribute to athletes who have made significant contributions to civil and human rights.

In his remarks, excerpted below, Sen. Corker spoke briefly about King’s bold vision and how it should inspire us to pursue bold visions of our own:

One of the people who has had a great impact on my life is a man named Jim Rouse.  His work to give low-income citizens the opportunity for decent and affordable housing has improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across our country. I met Jim in the 1980s, and he encouraged me to embrace a bold vision. He said, “Bob, if you have a bold vision, even if you only accomplish 80 percent of it, you’ve still accomplished far more than if your goals were small. A bold vision builds momentum and energy.”

Martin Luther King had a tremendous vision of what our country could be. He also had the courage to stand up and pursue it. He had a bold vision – a dream he called it – of human equality. He shared his dream with the rest of us and made sacrifices so that his children and grandchildren would live in a better country than the one he inherited.

Tragically, his life was cut short. But because he had a bold vision and energy behind it, others picked up his cause and today we are a far better nation as a result.

To truly honor his legacy we must dedicate ourselves to our own bold visions, to serving one another, to improving our communities, and to leaving behind a better country for future generations.

Planned Parenthood at Hardin Valley Academy – WATE 6 News report

Community Meeting, Thursday, January 27

Community Meeting, Thursday, January 27

WATE 6 News covers Planned Parenthood gaining access to students at Hardin Valley High. First of all, it is inappropriate to allow abortion industry representatives to come in and advertise their “services.” Second, it is critical to understand the vile nature of the materials that appear on PP websites, the details of which would likely never be shown on TV.


Overall, the report glosses over the PP websites and other material directed at teens.  Not addressed at all are the encouragments for teens to engage in behavior that is depraved and/or dangerous.  We have to do a better job of forcing people to understand the depravity of PP materials.  For example, see the “I didn’t spew” video on the TakeCareDownThere.org website, which is a PP website directed at teens.  Following is a synopsis.  The video itself is so vile, it would surely be rejected by YouTube, so I just performed a few screen captures.

Video on PP website portraying oral sex as normative behavior for teens
Video on PP website portraying oral sex as normative behavior for teens


Funny guy Mike Williams on “The Phil Show”

Mike Williams

Mike Williams

Mike Williams is wonderful comedian who will appear at our “Celebrating Life” dinner on February 14.  He was interviewed yesterday afternoon on The Phil Show.  Here’s the audio.

To see Mike Williams in person, order your tickets here!  That’s www.KnoxvilleHuckabeeDinner.com.

All proceeds go to support CBR / Pro Life on Campus.  So get your tickets today!


No Planned Parenthood in Knox County Schools

Lisa Morris of ProCET

Lisa Morris of ProCET

Below is a statement from Lisa Morris of the Pro Life Coalition of East Tennessee (ProCET).  Note meeting on January 27.

Planned Parenthood has been given access to Knox County students, and at least one presentation has been done without parental knowledge or consent.  Beyond the fact that Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider, their “wellness education” includes elements that many parents would consider unacceptable, if not pornographic. We have attached a flyer with excerpts from their Teen Wire website as well as a link to video selections from their “Take Care Down There” website.  [FAB note: If you want to see the depravity of PP materials, go to www.TakeCareDownThere.org and watch the “I didn’t spew” video.]

We are asking for every concerned leader and parent to take a clear and immediate stand against this effort to corrupt our students and degrade the gift of human sexuality with their unacceptable materials.

Please attend an informational meeting:

January 27, 2011
6:30- 8:00PM
The Chancery Office
805 Northshore Drive, SW
Knoxville, TN 37919

We will present additional information on Planned Parenthood’s agenda and history along with our strategy for action to remove Planned Parenthood and any of their endorsed materials from our schools. Our unity in this effort will be critical for success, so please share this information with other concerned friends and family and invite them to join you for this important meeting.

In addition please call or write Governor-Elect Haslam, 615.254.4799, Superintendent of Schools, Dr. McIntyre, 865-594-1620, and Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett, 865-215-2005, to express your outrage.

Here are some additional points you may want to include:

  • Planned Parenthood has already presented their materials to students at Hardin Valley Academy without parental knowledge or consent.
  • Planned Parenthood is the world’s biggest abortion provider; their graphic websites target teens with obscene material that encourages risky sexual behavior and they are under investigation in a number of states for violations of state laws regarding mandatory reporting laws for sexual abuse of minors.
  • Please remove Planned Parenthood from the list of approved guest speakers in our schools.

For any questions or to request digital copies of this material, contact Lisa Morris, 865-567-1245.

Please feel free to copy and distribute this information.

Note:  Keep up with the latest on the No Planned Parenthood-Knox County Schools Facebook page.

World’s shortest books

by Bill Gates

by Barack Obama

by Jane Fonda
Illustrated by Michael Moore

by Hillary Clinton

By Bill Clinton


by Ellen de Generes & Rosie O’Donnell

by Mike Tyson


by O. J. Simpson

by Ted Kennedy

by Bill Clinton

and, just added
by Nancy Pelosi

Hidden video: Dems prepare to help read the Constitution

Democrat prepares to read the Constitution

Democrat prepares to read the Constitution

FAB cameras were on hand when Congressional Democrats prepared to help read the Constitution.


I guess I should apologize for comparing Democrats to Barney Fife.  Sorry, Barney.

Seriously, it was instructive to hear leftists respond to the reading of the Constitution on the floor of the House of Representatives:

  • Dahlia Lithwick of Slate said reading the Constitution was evidence of a “fetish.”
  • Dem. Cong. Jerrold Nadler said reading it was “total nonsense” and “propaganda.”
  • MSNBC’s Chris Hayes wondered if there might be something “insidious” about reading it.
  • Joy Behar of The Voice wondered if reading the Constitution—once in our lifetime, by the way—might be “getting out of hand.”
  • Ezra Klein of the Washington Post said reading it aloud was “a gimmick.”
  • E. J. Dionne of the Washington Post lamented treating the Constitution as “the equivalent of sacred scripture.”
  • Former (thankfully) Dem. Cong. Phil Hare said “I don’t worry about the Constitution.”

Of course, when they take the oath of office, guess what they promise to do?  Here’s their oath of office (in part):

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; …  So help me God.

Why does the left have so much contempt for the Constitution, particularly it’s limitations on the role and scope of government?  Because the Constitution limits their power to create the socialistic/bureaucratic utopia they dream of.  They can’t get the votes to pass amendments in the legal way—we won’t give away our freedoms voluntarily—so they just pretend it says something else.  Reading the Constitution makes that pretense more difficult.

The Joy of Statistics – 200 Countries, 200 Years

Hans Rosling

Hans Rosling

Hans Rosling’s fascinating look at the improvement of incomes and life expectancies over the past 200 years in 200 countries worldwide.


Vanderbilt University rescinds illegal abortion pledge requirement

Alliance Defense Fund

Alliance Defense Fund

Kudos and many thanks for the Alliance Defence fund (ADF) for their victory against Vanderbilt University’s illegal abortion pledge requirement for nursing students.  From ADF:

Vanderbilt Rescinds Supposedly Non-Existent Policy, Protects Conscience

In response to the complaints filed yesterday by ADF with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services concerning Vanderbilt’s requirement that Women’s Health Track applicants in its Nurse Residency Program must sign an acknowledgement that they must assist in abortions, Vanderbilt has today amended its application packet to eliminate this requirement.  Applicants are now asked to read a statement that such procedures are in the program, but it also explicitly informs applicants of the availability of a right to be excused from assisting with abortion procedures and does not require applicants to acknowledge in advance of admission any willingness to participate in abortions.  An email by Vanderbilt  to all applicants informed them of the change this afternoon.

More here …

Check out ADF’s Speak Up University website.

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