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More confirmation that our campus outreach project is working!

ProLifeOnCampus at the University of Tennessee

ProLifeOnCampus at the University of Tennessee

I told you it was working.  Here’s yet more evidence.

Dr. Jon Shields of Claremont McKenna College, writing for The Witherspoon Institute, cites our campus outreach project (GAP) as an important causative factor in changing attitudes about abortion among Americans 18 to 29 years old. Click here for his column.

In his column, Dr. Shields cites an essay by political scientists Clyde Wilcox and Patrick Carr in Congressional Quarterly’s Understanding Public Opinion, in which they report that American 18-29 year-olds are not only “less pro-choice than any other age group,”  but “also markedly less pro-choice than [the 18-29 year-olds] in any previous decade.”

Citing these findings, Dr. Shields attributed the growing pro-life consensus among young Americans partly to

an innovative and massive pro-life campaign on college campuses that has been organized by groups such as Justice for All and the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform.  Collectively both groups have visited well over 100 campuses (many more than once) and drawn large crowds thanks to huge displays of aborted embryos that they set up on university quads.  As I have found in my own research, such images clearly shock many of the students who pass by and draw many others into philosophical conversations with pro-life activists.  These efforts excite precisely the sort of tension between our common cultural belief in the special worth of human organisms and approval of permissive abortion laws.”

It’s working!  If you want us to do more of it, please click here to help me as generously as you can.  Only 20 people can send me and my team to a major college campus every year if they support us as faithfully as they support cable TV.  Please click here to help me and my team visit one more school where babies and moms really need us! 

More information:

ProLifeOnCampus at the U of Arizona

ProLifeOnCampus at U of Arizona

ProLifeOnCampus at University of Arizona

Here we are at the University of Arizona.  Check out the editorial in the student paper.  They don’t like us — surprise, surprise, surprise — but there is opportunity for you to comment on the editorial.

More trips to major universities are planned for this Spring, but we need your help.  If you want to win hearts, change minds, and save lives on campus, please consider a special gift of $50, $150, $1000, or more.  Click here to invest in this life-saving project.  Please consider stretching yourself a bit, because another baby’s life is at stake.

A warning for parents of Girl Scouts

Happy Healthy and Hot

Happy Healthy and Hot

Chuck Colson exposes Planned Parenthood ties to the Girl Scouts in this online article.

There is nothing too depraved for Planned Parenthood.  Their sex guide for girls, Healthy, Happy, and Hot, teaches “there is no right way or wrong way to have sex.  Just have fun, explore and be yourself.”

It also tells girls that “some people have sex when they have been drinking alcohol or using drugs. This is your choice.”  Clearly, nothing is off limits—even for children below the age of consent.

You should also go to one of their websites, www.takecaredownthere.org, and see for yourself what Planned Parenthood encourages teens to do with each other.  Check out the video clip “I didn’t spew.”  It’s pretty gross.

This should be enough to convince any Christian parent to seek an alternative.  To help us combat Planned Parenthoods demonic agenda, please click here.

What two students can do

Kristen Giesler and ____ at UNC Charlotte

Darlena Huggins and Kristen Giesler at UNC Charlotte.

Two students.  One hour.  Once a week.  Think about it.

Kristen Giesler started Students for Life at UNC Charlotte.  When you support ProLifeOnCampus, you make it possible for us to identify, train, and equip students like Kristen.  To help start more pro-life groups on campus, click here.

Lunch Hour at the UNCC Student Center

Lunch Hour at the UNCC Student Center.

It ain’t over yet, cuz I ain’t dead yet.

I’m starting a list of lessons learned.  Please suggest your own via comment.

  1. There’s no such thing as a “pro-life” Democrat.  The pro-life side is in conflict with the Democrat side; the Democrat side wins almost every time.  One example is Lincoln Davis, who campaigned for pro-abort Harold Ford in 2008 and was listed as “undecided” on ObamaCare in the days leading up to the vote.
  2. There are very few Democrats left in DC.  There are plenty of Democrats out in the country, but very few still in Congress.  The Democratic Party has now morphed into a party led by Alinsky-ites.  People like Harry Truman, John Kennedy, Scoop Jackson, etc., would not recognize the Party they have become.  If you don’t know who Saul Alinsky is, you need to educate yourself.  Read his book, Rules for Radicals.  Alinsky was an atheist who rejected any objective standard for right and wrong.  Any means for achieving the “greater good for the most people,” whatever they deem that to be, is acceptable.  His moral authority is none other than Vladimir Lenin, killer of millions.  (See chapter 2 of Rules for Radicals)
  3. Dems were lying all along when they claimed to have the votes to defeat ObamaCare.  The final tally shows they didn’t have the votes until Stupak and 4 or 5 others caved.  For Alinsky-ites, lying is a tactic.  One lie is to always portray their plans as being a “done deal” as a way of disheartening their enemies.  We weren’t fooled by this, but Mr. Stupak was.
  4. The coming months will demonstrate that no matter how much the Alinsky-ites (and liberals generally) get, it’s never enough.  They want more.  Harry Reid has already announced their intentions to finalize the destruction of private health care and replace it with a government system.  If you oppose them, you hate poor people, you hate minorities, you hate immigrants, etc.  They will never be satisfied until they control every aspect of American life, especially who gets what.  The best way to manipulate people’s voting behavior is to control what they get to earn, keep, and buy.  (For example, “Those evil Republicans want to take away your Social Security, your medical care, etc.)  The irony is that they want to take away your health care with a single payer system that allows them to give back to you whatever they think you should have.
  5. You can never compromise with Alinsky-ites.  They are not interested in compromise.  They are interested in re-making America (a really bad place, in their minds) into their vision of what America should be.  They must be defeated.
  6. We have allowed our young people to grow up ignorant of the American traditions of freedom and capitalism.  These are inseparable, because you don’t have freedom if the government controls your economic life.  Freedom means more than choosing which TV to buy.  Our generation grew up under creeping socialism and saw the results of it in the 1970s (high inflation, high interest rates, high unemployment).  We also saw how Ronald Reagan restored the principles of limited government in the 1980s, setting off a 28-yr period of unprecedented economic growth and prosperity.  Our children, nieces, and nephews didn’t see all of that.  They don’t learn about the Reagan Revolution in government schools.  People have asked me, “What can we do now?”  My answer: give your sons, daughters, nieces, and nephews a history lesson.
  7. If you doubt the serious mess we are in, take a look at Europe.  High taxes suppress economic activity, with the predictable result of chronic unemployment.  Europeans have very little confidence in the future, as evidenced by their fertility rate (less than 2 per woman, well under the break-even rate).  The exception is the population of Muslims in these countries, who are having children at a rate of more than 8 per couple.  They are not assimilating into Western culture; they are maintaining their Islamic culture.  When their numbers are sufficient to control elections and institute Sharia Law, what will that do for human rights?  What about women’s rights?  Demographic experts have estimated that Germans will be a minority in their own country in 5o years.
  8. Alinsky-ites have a problem with declining numbers among the voting population in the US.  Liberals they tend to have fewer children than conservatives.  Their most dependable voting group is African Americans, but the population of African Americans is actually on the decline.  (Many Planned Parenthood abortion centers are located in African American neighborhoods.)  Their solution to this problem is to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens and promise them a wide range of free goodies out of the public treasury in exchange for their political allegiance.  They will decry any attempt to stop this plan as motivated by hate (e.g., hate against people of color).
  9. This ain’t over yet.  Never give up.  The biggest lie they have is the lie that they own us and we can’t do anything about it.  Never give up.
  10. Your comments?

Why we have a chance to defeat ObamaCare

Check out this analysis by Michael Barone.

To summarize his major points, a fairly large number of Democrats (especially the thirty-seven who opposed ObamaCare in November) represent districts in which the bill is unpopular to wildly unpopular.  Forty-five of their districts went for John McCain.  Mr. Obama and Mrs. Pelosi are whipping these congress-people to go to the wall for ObamaCare but their constituents are pounding them to pull the plug on ObamaCare. 

We don’t have to get the “undecided” Members to announce their opposition to ObamaCare, we just have to keep them from pledging to support ObamaCare.  And in that pursuit we have the tactical advantage of trying to get these guys to do what comes naturally to them:  The cowardly thing!  Nothing at all!  They just want this to go away without having to vote “no” and getting punished by Mr. Obama and Mrs. Pelosi, or “yes” and losing their seats.  If enough of them stick together and refuse to commit, vote counter Rep. Jim Clyburn (the Dem Whip in the House) can’t tell Mrs. Pelosi that she is now within the six or so vote deficit that would embolden her to bring the bill to the floor and then water-board the weakest half-dozen resisters till they caved.  Mrs. Pelosi thinks she can brow-beat five of these guys into submission with the question called and the vote board open but she knows she can’t brow-beat twenty-five.  And she doesn’t want to risk a very humiliating, televised (C-SPAN) defeat.  That is why Mr. Clyburn (who, remember, is the guy actually counting these votes) says the vote could slip till after Easter. 

 Every day we can keep the “undeclared” from “declaring” worsens the odds for Mrs. Pelosi because there is limit to how long even she and Mr. Obama can tie up the entire mechanism of government on this bill. Our trucks and planes clearly foster indecision and as an obscure Air Force Colonel once observed, “He triumphs who merely escapes defeat till his adversary runs out of gas – or becomes progressively more spooked by the scary mid-term elections which are coming nearer by the day.”  Delay is our friend.  It should be the real focus of our prayer.

Please keep praying.  Try fasting  too.  And please keep calling, e-mailing, facebooking, and twittering (see posting below).

Stop pro-abortion ObamaCare – Update

In a previous post, I gave you a list of 30 US Congressmen to call (list repeated below).  Some of you have experienced difficulties getting through.  Some strategies:

  • Call the local offices, not just the DC offices.
  • Call them after hours, when fewer people are trying to call, and leave a clear message on the answering machine.
  • Contact them by e-mail, if you can.
  • Contact them through their facebook pages.  This has the added advantage of not being screened out because you live in another district.
  • Contact them through Twitter.  Send them a “tweet.”  This has the added advantage of not being screened out because you live in another district.

Here’s the list again:

Harry Mitchell (202) 225-2190 (480) 946-2411
Gabrielle Giffords (202) 225-2542 (520) 881-3588
Ann Kirkpatrick (202) 225-2315 (928) 226-6914
Jerry McNerney (202) 225-1947 925-833-0643
John Salazar 202-225-4761 970-245-7107
Jim Himes (202) 225-5541 (866) 453-0028
Alan Grayson (202) 225-2176 (407) 841-1757
Bill Foster (202) 225-2976 630-406-1145
Baron Hill 202 225 5315 812 288 3999
Mark Schauer (202) 225-6276 (517) 780-9075
Gary Peters (202) 225-5802 (248) 273-4227
Dina Titus (202) 225-3252 702-256-DINA (3462)
Carol Shea-Porter (202) 225-5456 (603) 743-4813
Tim Bishop (202) 225-3826 (631) 696-6500
John Hall (202) 225-5441 (845) 225-3641 x49371
Bill Owens (202) 225-4611 (315) 782-3150
Mike Arcuri (202)225-3665 (315)793-8146
Dan Maffei (202) 225-3701 (315) 423-5657
Earl Pomneroy (202) 225-2611 (701) 224-0355
Steven Driehaus (202) 225-2216 (513) 684-2723
Mary Jo Kilroy (202) 225-2015 (614) 294-2196
Zach Space (202) 225-6265 (330) 364-4300
Kathy Dahlkemper (202) 225-5406 (814) 456-2038
Patrick Murphy (202) 225-4276 (215) 826-1963
Christopher Carney (202) 225-3731 (570) 585-9988
Paul Kanjorski (202) 225-6511 (570) 825-2200
John Spratt (202) 225-5501 (803)327-1114
Tom Perriello (202) 225-4711 (276) 656-2291
Alan Mollohan (202) 225-4172 (304) 623-4422
Nick Rahall (202) 225-3452 (304) 252-5000
Steve Kagen (202) 225-5665 (920) 437-1954

Pro-life oppostion to government-funded abortion in ObamaCare

Voters asked to Contact Rep. Altmire to oppose ObamaCare

Voters asked to Contact Rep. Altmire to oppose ObamaCare.

We’re doing whatever we can to stop government-funded abortion.  Media coverage:

We can’t do this by ourselves.  Your gift of $300 will buy a tank of truck fuel, enough to drive two full days.  Click here to help.

Praying and fasting wouldn’t hurt either.  The bill before the House would set back the pro-life movement for decades.

Goverment health care would deliver a lower quality of health care to your family at a much higher cost to you.  What a concept.  Make no mistake — the purpose of this bill is to destroy the system we have, so that people will later cry out for the Government to come back in and “fix” it.  Read Alinsky’s book and other writings of his disciples (Barak Obama being one of them).  Look at how TennCare pushed a lot of people out of private insurance onto the public dole.  Now the government can’t sustain it, leaving people worse off than they were.

Breaking News: Another Blue Dog targeted by CBR campaign announces opposition to abortion funding in ObamaCare

Example Blue Dog Truck Sign

Example Blue Dog Truck Sign

Fox News has reported that another US Congressman targeted by CBR’s Blue Dog Campaign has announced that he will not vote for the current version of ObamaCare.  Rep. Joe Donnelly (D-IN) announced that he “would not vote for it” because it funds abortion.  This report came just hours after CBR announced the next phase of it’s campaign urging voters in selected districts to call their representatives and oppose taxpayer-funded abortion.  Rep. Donnelly was one of those targeted.

This is the fourth such announcement by Blue Dogs in the House which have been targeted by CBR’s ongoing campaign.

The campaign features a fleet of billboard trucks bearing large abortion photos to remind voters that abortion is not health care and consequently should not be taxpayer-funded, either directly or indirectly.  The “truth trucks” will continue to operate until the final vote on ObamaCare is taken.  Click here to see the press release.

CBR can do this only through the generous support of people like you.  Click here to help.  Your gift of $100 would buy fuel for a single day of driving.  $600 would buy fuel for a week!

With Rep. Donnelly’s announcement, this next phase of CBR’s campaign will now focus on these representatives:

  • Rep. Brad Ellsworth (D-IN)
  • Rep. Baron Hill (D-IN)
  • Rep. John Boccieri (D-OH)
  • Rep. Bart Gordon (D-TN)
  • Rep. Dennis Cardoza (D-CA)
  • Rep. Chris Carney (D-PA)
  • Rep. Tom Periello (D-VA)

President Obama wants to pass this thing next week. Please help today, because every day counts.

Deeper Still post-abortion healing ministry

Sharing the healing and hope

Sharing the healing and hope.

Last night I attended the first fundraising banquet for Deeper Still, a post-abortion healing ministry based here in Knoxville.  Karen Ellison and her team are doing a great job over at Deeper Still.  I first became aware of their ministry when former client and now team member Debbie Picarello volunteered to help with our campus outreach ministry at the University of  Tennessee (UTK).  Debbie is a poster child for what they are doing at Deeper Still.  After experiencing the healing that comes from confession and forgiveness, she is taking that same healing to others.  At UTK, Debbie wore a sign on her shirt that said “I’ve had an abortion; ask me about it!”  Her witness helped us reach post-abortive and other students at UTK in ways we never could have otherwise.  In the following weeks, Debbie took the same message to the students at the University of California at Berkeley.  Hope and  healing are an important part of what we are doing at CBR through our campus outreach project.

Stop pro-abortion ObamaCare

First, support CBR’s effort to pressure Blue Dogs to reject ObamaCare with abortion funding. To support, click here. Please do it today; CBR’s trucks are standing by, but I can’t drive them without fuel. One tank of fuel costs $300. Designate for Reproductive Choice Campaign or just e-mail me at Fletcher@ProLifeOnCampus.com.

Second, make 30 phone calls. Please call these 30 Blue Dogs whose votes are up for grabs. Don’t just call your Congressman; call all of them. Source: DickMorris.com. Tell them that the current Senate version and the President’s version both fund abortion, and you oppose funding abortion.


Turning the World Upside Down (Poland)

Abortion Billboard During Rush Hour (Poland)

Abortion Billboard During Rush Hour (Poland)

We just got this message from Mariusz Dzierzawski of the Right to Live Foundation in Poland:

I had been involved in pro-life activity in Poland since 2000. After some years I was a little frustrated due to lack effect of our activity. In December 2005 Gregg Cunningham of CBR came to Poland. I attended meeting with him. His speech was clear and moving, although the proposals were astonishing.
After some weeks of thinking, our group decided to follow the way of CBR. The effects are also astonishing. Number of abortion supporters in Poland has dropped rapidly, number of abortion opponents grow rapidly. Today is real possibility to ban abortion in Poland totally. I hope we will exploit the possibility. We are big debtors of CBR.

Click here to see the billboard detail.  Every single time you help us, you help pro-lifers all over the world so something very simple.  Just show people the truth.  What can be more powerful?  Click here to make some pretty amazing things happen all over the world!

Unborn, by Caitlin Jane with Nicolle Maurer

Caitlin Jane’s UNBORN music video. Performed by Caitlin Jane with Nicolle Maurer.


CBR Hounds Blue Dogs On ObamaCare

The Dem leadership is ratcheting up it’s effort to force ObamaCare into law and pay for every abortion with your money.  Our Blue Dog project has forced several Blue Dog Dems to publicly pledge to oppose any health care bill that fails to prohibit public funding for abortion.


Although successful at getting public declarations from some of the Blue Dogs, there are others whose votes are still up for grabs.  We must force the issue.

Stopping ObamaCare will take all of us.  Please click here to help.  I absolutely need your help.  Your gift of $300 would purchase a tank of fuel to drive this truck.  Your gift of $1,000 would buy fuel for a whole week of driving.

Knoxville City of Life Declaration

Neighborhood residents sign the Declaration and volunteer for the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil.

Neighborhood residents sign the Declaration and volunteer for the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil.

People who attended the ProCET Rally for Life in East Knoxville were asked to sign the City of Life Declaration that is being circulated by Matthew Parsons.  Parsons said that “the Declaration has been designed to bring people together for the common goal of making Knoxville a city where not only life, but abundant life can be achieved regardless of one’s race, class, or even one’s status as born or unborn.”  The text of the Declaration is as follows:

We, the citizens and leaders of the Knoxville community, stand together in unity to oppose the presence of Planned Parenthood and the other abortion providers in our city.  We commit to defend and promote a city of life.  Today, we say to abortion providers, “Not in this Community … Not in any Community.”

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